Why Use Substrate For Planted Aquarium? Well The Answer Is Here

If you have had fishes as a pet or are quite interested in their behaviors and ways of how these beautiful little creatures dwell in the tiny little water tank compared to their natural habitat then this article would be highly informative as well as interesting for you. There are many parts of an aquarium each serves a purpose, either for beautification or to make sure that your fishes stay healthy in the tank. This is where the tank holders put substrate in their fish tank. It would be quite unusual to see an aquarium that is without any kind of substrate at its tank bottom. The thing is not just for the beautification of the whole tank but serves various purposes in it. there are many types of Substrate for Planted Aquarium some have certain quality while the other has totally different characteristics, this is where you get to choose between the best types of substrates that should be used in your aquarium depending upon your usage and tank’s size and capacity or the type of fish that you have used as a pet. To know more about the same read below as a detailed discussion is done there.

What are the different types of substrates for your aquarium?Substrate for Planted Aquarium

If you have to choose between certain types of substrates that are available in the market then the main point that you should keep in your mind is to consider the functionality of the substrate and how would it affect your fishes, some of the types of substrates and their information is given below, so have a look.

Gravel for aquarium

It is the most common type of substrate that is used in many aquariums all around the globe. It is the most popular type of aquarium substrate that is available in the market. The gravel that you put in your aquarium is not any type of gravel but a specially chosen one just for the use of aquariums, as the other gravels might tend to dissolve in the water if let them stand there for a long time but they remain almost unaltered in the water. There are many sizes and colors in which these gravels are available in, so choose the one that you like the most and is suitable for your tank.

Aquarium Sand

This is also one of the common substrates that are used in the fish tanks by many people. There is a huge variety of colors in which this sand is available in. this is mostly liked by the fishes which tend to bury themselves in it. But the loophole that it brings with it is that it can’t hold the live plants in it as big fishes might disturb it and get them uprooted.

There are many Substrate for Planted Aquarium but with the list, you might have got some idea of which to use in your aquarium for the best results.