The course of development of anti bark technology

The purpose

Dogs form one of the most common pets in today’s time, with every 7 out of 10 houses being dog owners. Not only do these felines stay loyal to their masters, but can also go to lengths to protect them through their strong senses and keep the households safe. This is also one of the reasons for which dogs are also used for detective and military purposes. But, there will be times when the dogs would get out of control and keep on barking for no reasons. This not only causes a disturbance in the house but also the neighborhood. Thinking on these lines, Science has now developed anti bark technology, on which the article elucidates further.

A briefing on the device

An anti-bark device is an electronic appliance that is generally tied to the neck of the dog. This device delivers radio-controlled electric shocks of varying intensities to the dog whenever it starts barking unnecessarily and hence works towards silencing it. Originally meant for training of the hunting and military dogs, these have now entered into the households also and hence come as handy tools in controlling the behavior of the dogs and teaching them about what is right and what is not.

The types

The following are the different types of anti bark technology used majorly for the dogs: –

  • Sound emitters, which are sensor-based devices that start emitting ultrasonic sound audible enough for the dogs when they start barking. The intensities of the sound vary with the degree of barking but maintain the safer limits to not harm the animal.
  • Anti-bark collars, that have similar principle as that of the sound emitters, but here the sound gets replaced by small electric shocks that automatically put the dog on silence. However, this category has the risk of turning the dogs even more crazy due to the shocks.
  • Spray technology, where the spray of citronella mixed with water is sprayed on the feline’s face in order to control them since they do not like the basic smell of the element.

The pros of the technology

The following are some of the pros of using anti bark technology on the dogs: –

  • Good control over the felines who show out of control and aggressive behaviors
  • Applicable for proper training of the military and hunting dogs, in order to train them on concentrating their senses in one direction

The cons of the technology

However, the technology has earned certain negative feedback also, like as follows: –

  • Obstructing the natural process of the barking of the dogs, which is their way of expressing the emotions
  • The anti bark technology sometimes gets uncomfortable and hence aggravate the uncontrollable behavior of the dogs even further.
  • Sometimes, these appliances cause internal injuries to the dogs that may also turn out to be fatal.

Hence, keeping in mind about the debate of pros vs cons, it is highly advised to take expert opinions regarding the use of this technology before implementing the same and so, the technology should ideally be used only when the behavior of the dogs get extremely out of control.