Taylor 114 buying guide stating the pros and cons of the device

Taylor 114 ce is uniquely crafted acoustic guitars available on market. The cost of this instrument is quite high and range nearby thousand dollars. So even people passionate about music will also consider several times before investing in such an expensive instrument. But there are a number of models of this unique guitar available from which you can choose. For many musicians, the Taylor 114 is a dream instrument to achieve.

Some exciting features of the Taylor 114

  • Stunning clarity of sound in which you can distinguish each tone precisely.
  • The intricate hardware and electronics of this instrument will attract any music lover.
  • Well defined body and neck give this instrument a unique high-end look.
  • The unique built of this instrument gives it protection against excessive strumming.

Pros of buying the instrument

  • It has great quality for value
  • It is easy to play an instrument
  • The neck is smoothened for low friction
  • The instrument requires little or no adjustments straight from the box
  • It has a sturdy and solid built
  • The finish is effective built protection which gives the instrument a very high-end look.

Cons of the instrument

  • The instrument lacks an onboard tuner
  • The instrument is quite heavy and bulky to it might difficult to carry everywhere
  • The material is extremely sensitive to any change in temperature making it out of tune at a certain point of time. So, if you are using the instrument be careful about the temperature.
  • The peg material is made of cheap injected plastic
  • The fret metal quite easily flats out when played with a lot of vibrato.


Where to buy the Taylor 114

Taylor 114 buying guide

You can get your hands onto this instrument from any of your favourite musical instrument shops near you or you can even find it online on popular retail site Amazon.

A brief description of the instrument

The instrument’s shape is grand Auditorium, with its back-side wood made of walnut wood material and top wood of Sitka spruce and neck or heel of Sapele. The electronics of this instrument is marked as ES-T. the Taylor 114 100 series acoustic guitar has 6 strings and is friendly to use especially for right-handed people. The dimensions of this product are around 21 X 43 X 9 inches which is quite a huge size for acoustic guitar.

Thus, while reading any Taylor 114 buying guide make sure you keep the above-mentioned points into consideration along with the price of the product which would definitely help you decide whether you should go for such an instrument or not. If you are not satisfied with the features of the 100 series then you can have a look into the 200 series which is slightly more expensive and made of different material.  You can choose whichever model is friendlier to use and then buy accordingly. The customer ratings of this product are quite good with no one rating the product negatively so despite the existing cons it is a good product to complete your passion.