Burris AR Buying Guide for beginners

Buying just the right optic for the rifle is extremely necessary for shooters to ensure fast and accurate action. Burris AR optics is one of the best in the market that ensure just that and have received an amazing feedback from military personnel, competitive shooters and lawmen. Various models of AR optics are available in the market with unique features for the convenience of shooters. Burris AR prism sights are designed especially to ensure close quarter engagement with an AR. Read this Burris AR buying guide further to learn more about this product.

burries ar

Variety of Models

Burris AR optics are available in five models namely AR-332, AR-Tripler, AR-536 and AR-1X. These can be categorised into three types; red dot, high magnification scope and fixed power scope. One should choose a model based on the purpose as to what they are using the rifle for.

  • AR optics with red dot and holographic sights are an excellent choice for defense and combat competitions. They are exceptionally quick and accurate for target acquisition.
  • The fixed power and magnification scope, on the other hand, prove to be extremely useful for hunting and long range target shooting. Thermal imaging and laser scopes are also produced by some manufacturers which can be used with AR optics.

This Burris AR buying guide will further give you some insights on the features of AR optics so that you are well informed about the product before purchasing it.



Burris AR comes with very unique and exceptional features for the convenience of its users. Listed below are some of these features of this product:


Compact prisms

Unlike other rifle scopes that use variety of lens, Burris AR prisms makes use of just a single prism. This makes them light, compact and easy to handle. It works even when the power is off and is susceptible to view the target in the scenario with lowest-lights. The magnification scopes in these optics allow the shooter to view long distance targets clearly.


Available in various colours and sizes

The Burris AR line is now available in three colours: Red, green and black. Here, red and green optics have 5 brightness settings which the shooter can adjust according to his environment. This setting is further upgraded to 7 in AR-1x. Also, the AR series comes in 1x, 2x, 3x, 3x-Tripler and 5x. So, you can easily change them to suit your needs.



The rugged and sturdy construction of this product makes it able to withstand the rigors of battle and competition and all kinds of weather conditions. The product further comes with Burris forever warranty.


Other features

This product is compatible with night vision making it easy to view the target at all times. Also, the black colour setting can be used even with no battery power. Further, Ballistic CQ reticle with circular centre is now present in AR-332 and AR-536 which allows the shooter to shoot more accurately at close distances.


This Burris AR buying guide was made with the aim to give customers more insight about this product. Burris AR is a rugged and high quality product that has gained trust of many militants and competitive shooters. Therefore, if a user is confused about buying this product, they shouldn’t be as Burris AR buying guide will help you make your decision.